Monday, January 20, 2020

Porch Update, Week 11

Another week of progress. There are some big things that happened this week, but as with most weeks, the work was in the details. There are so many details that happen to complete each piece and part of this construction plan--more than the unfamiliar can imagine. But that is where the craftsmanship of the workers is shining.

The old doors were removed. Luckily it was on a warmer day and we weren't cold from chilly air. The cats didn't get to see any of the action because they spent the day locked up in the basement so they would not become escape cats.

The new doors look much like the old doors...

Except they have no rotten wood or rust.

The most exciting thing this week was the installation of the floor with Aratis porch flooring which is a composite made from PVC materials. Miss Landers and I think it's big enough and solid enough to use as a stage or have a square dance. I told Ward that any furniture for the porch would have to be easily movable so we could have a show or a dance. He was politely quiet. We were just kidding 
(maybe 😉).

But don't you think that has the makings of a stage?

Along with the floor, the steps also got treads installed.

And more dirt was put around the landing.

The electrician was on another job most of the week, but he did install a couple of outlets.

And started the installation of a new subpanel in the basement. Besides wiring for the porch, we plan to use some of the spaces in the new subpanel when we update the kitchen.

Also, there was a lot more trim work added this week. 

Until next time...

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  1. I was thinking about your cats when I saw the open doors. Such a temptation that would have been for them!

    Aren't some of Ward's family members musicians? You could host a family concert and they would have a ready-made stage for performance! (my husband also wouldn't be in favor of that kind of thing .... it's kinda fun to tease them about it, though, isn't it?).

    This is not related to anything you have mentioned, but I am currently reading The Grammarians by Cathleen Schine. It's a novel about twin girls who are fascinated with words and language and reminds me of your recent post about contranyms. You might enjoy it!

    1. Actually some of Ward's family has played at picnics we've had in the past. They were some of the people I thought of for our "stage". We'll see. They might be over that by now.

      The construction has been somewhat disruptive for the cats because some days they get put in the basement all day. And some days they hide down there when there is work being done inside. But mostly, if no one gets in the way of the sunbeam they want to sleep in, they're good.

    2. Also, I've seen the "Grammarians" but haven't taken time to look at it. I've just put it on hold. I'm not liking my book club book this week, so maybe I'll read this one instead. Thanks for the recommendation.

    3. It's an easy read and humorous in the way that those of us who love words find funny. I think the author must be a genius--parts of the discussions on words were above my head!

  2. A mighty fine stage, indeed. Some of the bluegrass musicians in the family must be salivating.

    1. I was thinking that we could get some kind of railing that we could change out for shows that wouldn't block the view as much. Of course, most of the musicians I know would stand well above the railing. I'm just having fun with the idea right now, but who knows in the future. :)

  3. Replies
    1. I am very happy with the details, many of which I would never have thought to add by myself. That's why you hire people to help.

  4. That porch would make a great stage! Maybe you could persuade some of the musicians in the family to provide a bit of music during a "porch warming" which could include a spot of square dancing, as well. :)

    1. I think we might be able to get some of them to play for a porch warming. They usually bring their instruments along to most family gatherings. I think we might get some dancers also whether or not it's square is yet to be seen. :)


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