Food Waste Friday

This is a post I do every Friday in conjunction with the Frugal Girl blog where I talk about any food waste we had during the previous week. The idea is that if we are publicly accountable for the food that we waste, we will be more careful with it.

Since starting this practice, I have cut back quite a bit on wasted food and saved some money in the process. Now, I try to plan meals with ingredients on hand especially if they are not long for this world. For example, this week I have Greek yogurt that is getting old, so I am going to try a recipe I found for yogurt biscuits. In the past there was a better than even chance that the Greek yogurt would sit the refrigerator until it was a science project and then tossed.

However careful planning like that doesn't always happen, so you may see some unappetizing photos on Fridays. But it might also be a good week, so you may see a picture of my cat instead.

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