A Second Look

A Second Look is a regular feature that is published every Wednesday. In this post, I explore my yard trying to look past the work that is calling me and look at things with a different set of eyes. I try to see the flowers and not the weeds and try to see details of things that I didn't notice before. Along the way, I am enjoying my yard in way I haven't for a long time. I'm also learning a few things. Come along and see what I find.

 A Little Background about 
the Yard I Explore.
I live on two acres of land that backs up to a farm and woods. Our lot was carved out of pasture 30 years ago, but has had a lot of modifications since then. At one point, it had over 30 flowers beds. (That was before us.) There are lots of trees as well as fields and the whole place is trying desperately to return to its wild state. In the meantime, it is providing me with an interesting place to go exploring every week.

Also, here is the original post that inspired this idea. A Second Look

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