Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Second Look--June 22, 2016

Well, you know what they say about best laid plans. Well, actually I don't remember what they say about them although I did a post about that. But I do know that this morning that I was going to take some pictures of the several kinds of new flowers that were blooming but decided to wait until the evening when the light was better. That didn't work out. We have had bands of heavy rain and storms since early afternoon and they are supposed to continue into night. In fact I was held at work for extra time waiting for a storm to pass. That particular storm broke a window in our building. It was kind of exciting and kind of scary.

Anyway, this all means that I don't have many pictures this week. But here are a few things I saw this week during a Second Look.

This chipmunk has only recently discovered the seed droppings from the bird feeder. It's been a year or more since we've seen any chipmunks although they have been plentiful in the past.

That means the squirrels are getting some new competition.

We are slowly getting more hummingbird visitors.

A couple of times, we have gotten two of them at the feeder at once.

More baby birds hatched this week. As I approach the box, I can hear the babies cheeping away. However, they are quiet and still when I get close or touch the box. Good survival instincts.

We also saw a baby fawn this week. (This group was about 100 yards away. Too far for my camera to get a good picture.)