Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Who Am I? Four things

Occasionally, one of those Who am I?  sets of questions makes the rounds in the blog world and yesterday, Anne at New Happenings at the Table  answered a set on her blog. She linked back to Slug Mama for the questions and encouraged others to answer them also. So for lack of something better to do (or should I say, for the lack of motivation to get up and clean the kitchen), I thought I'd take a stab at them. If you ask me these same questions tomorrow, my answers may change, but that's what makes life interesting (or confusing).

Four names I go by: Live and Learn, June, Mrs. Cleaver, and Hey You.

Four tunes I adore: Black Water by the Doobie Brothers, The Horse in Striped Pajamas by Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Green Jeans,  Dear Abby by John Prine, and Spider's Web by Folktale.

Four things I hate: liver, assuming the worst, mouse droppings in the house, and being cold.

Four places I have worked: sheriff's office, preschool, oil company, science teacher            

Four things I love to watch: birds, toddlers misbehaving who aren't mine, Andy Griffith reruns, cats playing

Four places I have visited: Japan, Brussels, Guatemala, Canada  I consider that pretty good for someone who had only been in 3 states (including the one I lived in) and never on an airplane until I graduated college.

Four Things I love to eat: Chocolate, Utz potato chips, creamed chicken on mashed potatoes, and soft peppermints.

Four favorite drinks: iced tea, water, weak lemonade, water

Four favorite shows: Big Bang, I Love Lucy, Dancing with the Stars (yes, my dirty little secret), and the Drew Carey Show (I just recently found reruns of it. It is just plain silly.)

Four favorite plays: The Sound of Music, the King and I, Your a Good Man Charlie Brown (I was Snoopy in this in high school), A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (I was Domina in this in college.)

Four things I am happily anticipating:  spring flowers, a get together with old friends, seeing my husband tonight after work, and finishing the book I'm reading.

Four things I am dreading: each party's nomination for the presidential election, political ads, more campaign name calling, deciding who to vote for in November 

Four items on my bucket list: more travel to the Rockies, I'm totally blank here, so make a bucket list

Four People I think will respond:  Anyone else who is avoiding a chore

                     Now copy this, paste this to your blog and fill in your                                              own answers.