Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Second Look--December 11, 2013

For a Second Look this week, I watched out my window one day while it snowed--my favorite way to do Second Looks on cold, wet days. :)

Here's what I saw this week during my Second Look.

The morning started as a dry, cloudy day with a flock of crows making a morning visit.

Later it started to snow and other birds arrived.

I saw a tufted titmouse.

and a male downy woodpecker who steadily ate while the other birds were in and out.

First he was joined by a Carolina wren.

Next a white-breasted nuthatch showed up.

Soon a junco came to take a bath in the snow on top of the feeder. The woodpecker kept eating away even though the junco was shaking things up. Next, the junco took a bath on top of the squirrel baffle.

Usually the juncos were hopping around below the feeder.

Several chickadees were flitting on and off the big feeder. They'd grab a seed and then go off to eat it.

Elsewhere, this pansy was still able to peek out from the falling snow.

We eventually ended up with about four inches of snow before it turned to sleet and freezing rain.