Friday, June 1, 2012

Food Waste Friday--June 1, 2012

It's time for Food Waste Friday, when the Frugalgirl encourages us to post pictures from the previous week of wasted food from our household. This accountability hopefully will help us to be more careful with our food and maybe save some money. 

Here it goes for this week.

I think the poltergeist was back this week because I found some old stew in the refrigerator that no one seemed to know anything about. I was gone for a few days and before I left, I swear that the stew was no where to be seen. Then on the second day after my return, it was front and center of the mostly empty fridge. Where did it come from? The other three members of the family say that they didn't even know we had stew. So I have concluded that the poltergeist took it, sampled it, and then returned it. I guess they didn't like it that much. Anyway, it had to go.


What do you think?