Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Onto Fingers

or The Interesting and the Strange

A few weeks ago, I did a couple of posts about toes--specifically, pedicures. Well, now it's time to give fingers some equal time.

I read something recently about fingers that I found very interesting. It concerned the prune-like fingers you get when you've had your hands in water for a long time. Apparently if you have nerve damage to your fingers, the skin on them won't wrinkle when it gets overly wet. This knowledge has been around at least since 1936 when a journal article was published about a case involving a young man who had the nerves to some of his fingers cut but not others. And you guessed it, the ones without nerve connections didn't wrinkle when wet, but the others did.

So how does the prune-effect happen anyway? Well, I'm not sure that I understand it all, but it is something like this. We have sweat glands in our fingers. Not only does water come out of those, it also goes in. When there is extra water absorbed, they expand. The nerves sense this and tell the small arteries in the fingers to contract which results in wrinkles.

Now I found the above bit of information really interesting. However, I find the next bit of information about fingers just strange. In Hong Kong, they have nail polish that tastes like KFC chicken. There are two flavors--regular and hot and spicy.While the idea of licking my fingertips all day is gross to me, I have to admit that to have nail polish that tastes like fried chicken and is "finger lickin' good" is a brilliant marketing scheme.

Apparently, Hong Kong doesn't have the market on edible nail polish. There is a company based in California that sells edible nail polish for kids. It's called Kid Licks and was founded on the basis that kids put everything in their mouth anyway, so might as well have some fun and paint their nails. They have three colors: Beet Red, Sour Carrot Orange, and Barley Grass Green. They are made from organic, non GMO ingredients and can be removed with water. In fact, if your kid puts their hands in their mouth a lot, they won't last very long. This product just seems silly to me, but I, myself, rarely have a manicure, so I'm not sure how to judge.

What do you think about this world of finger news?

Stay tuned for the next in the series of strange (to me) body things, when we move on to faces.