Monday, January 4, 2016

Christmas--Part 4

It was just like Christmas all over again for the cats yesterday as we took down most of our Christmas decorations. They treated every bag and box as if they had never seen it before. The lights from the outside got the most attention, I assume because of their outdoor smells. As the cats have aged into elderly felines, not as much gets them excited these days--but Christmas stuff always does. Gotta love Christmas. :)

Lucky has slept under the tree every day since we put it up. He's not happy that we took it down.

As soon as Ward started bringing lights in from outside, the cats were all over them.

Lucky spent more time with the lights than Annie and Leo. He particularly likes plastic grocery bags, so it was double fun for him.

After Annie pawed at the lights, she was investigating this pile of soft things.

However, as interesting as the Christmas things were, they were not as tempting as the sunbeam.