Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Second Look--January 6, 2016

Accumulating snow still eludes us in this warmer-than-normal weather, but the temperature is starting feel like it really is January. This morning it was in the single digits. Despite the cold weather, a couple of pansies are still providing color. A welcome sight among the browns.

The deer are coming in increasing numbers with 8-12  at a time not uncommon. You can tell that they are comfortable in our yard because they often take an afternoon nap here. The squirrels are busy as ever and I observed one doing something I had never noticed before. It was gathering up dried leaves in its mouth and then disappearing into a tall pine tree. I assume that it was lining its nest to help protect against the cold weather that is finally here.

Here are a few things I saw this week 
during a Second Look.

Although this pansy is a little ragged around the edges, it survived last night's very cold temperatures.

This picture was taken before the really cold night. The pansy is still blooming, but drooping a little now.

You just never know when or where you'll find a dandelion blooming.

Downy woodpecker

At the end of the yard, there were 11 deer grazing yesterday.

Much closer to the house, these deer were lounging after grazing for a while.

The squirrel stuffed some more leaves into its mouth before it disappeared high into a pine tree.


  1. Single digits temps are definitely chilly! We were whining about our temperatures in the teens yesterday. We tend to stay a little warmer here, courtesy of Lake Michigan.

    I didn't know that pansies could survive in those temps. They look pretty! And how fun for you to watch the deer.

    1. Do you also get lake effect snow courtesy of Lake Michigan?

    2. Oh yes, lots of lake effect. We haven't had much to speak of so far this season, but next week it looks like we will get dumped. Good soup weather.

  2. I too am surprised that you've got pansies in bloom! There's not much green around here other than the pine trees.

    We've been enjoying a few days in the 40's, but alas, winter is coming back with several snowstorms lining up, and temps are supposed to plunge down near zero again. They say we won't see the mercury climb above freezing until some time next week. Well... it is January after all!

    I love that you have deer in your yard! Of course, if it was me I'd be fighting the temptation to turn my garage into a barn for them to keep them warm. Yes, I'm a hopeless case!

    1. The deer have a nice winter coat and usually do well in the winter unless there is snow for too long covering some of their food supply. But around here that just means they eat most of the bushes right next to the house instead just some of them.

  3. They must feel your yard is a refuge against all threats. They look so peaceful. Squirrels seem to never get bored. Those are amazing pansies.

    1. I know that I never get bored watching squirrels. However, I wish they didn't like the sunflower seeds so much. We have plenty of acorns and walnuts for them, but they still go after the birdseed.


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