Sunday, September 13, 2015

Thankful Sunday--September 13, 2015

Casa Blanca nightclub  Photo source
I am thankful for new experiences.

Friday night Ward and I went to a blues and jazz club to celebrate a friend's birthday.  The club was in an upscale neighborhood and full of people who live lives a lot more exciting than mine. Or so I imagined. (I'm rarely up this late.) Three hundred people were seated around intimate tables eating fancy food. Or so I imagined. (I only had dessert--apple pie.) The room was dimly lit as we waited for the music and people drank exotic cocktails. Or so I imagined. (I only had water.)

Some how, I have made it this far in my life without ever going to a nightclub. And I probably won't go back anytime soon. As you might have guessed by my descriptions above, nightclubs really aren't my style. However during my first visit, I was having fun imagining that I was in one like I've seen on screen before--such as Rick's in Casa Blanca or the Tropicana with Ricky Ricardo singing Babalu. And for this experienceI am thankful.

(Yes, I know, this all sounds a little goofy, but sometimes, Goofy, is my middle name. :) )