Monday, September 7, 2015

Utah Vacation--Day 5, Bryce

Well, I didn't think it was possible. I thought that maybe we were getting used to seeing far-reaching, amazing views, but it happened again. Today's visit to Bryce Canyon National Park provided more breathtaking views. Literally. Wally and I both gasped when we first saw the view from the rim of Sunset Point--a landscape of hoodoos which Bryce is known for. A hoodoo, for those of you who are not familiar with the term, is a pinnacle of rock that is formed by differential erosion between a cap rock and softer sediment underneath. The ancient Indians said they were people turned to stone by a coyote god. You'll get the idea when you see the pictures.

We did a hike into Bryce Canyon starting a Sunset Point. We hiked from the rim, down to the bottom, and back up again. That was pretty cool to actually be in the middle of the things you were looking down on earlier that seemed so far away.

After checking out several other views in the park, the Carnivores finally got the steak dinner they had been wanting. A reward for an entire week of PB & J.

Here are some things we saw today.

First views from Sunset Point


Hike down into the canyon. Notice how the rocks get closer and we are eventually looking up at them when we were looking down on them before. In the very bottom, you see a dry stream bed.

Do you see Queen Victoria?

Dry stream bed at bottom.


Climbing back up. Most of this was a very steep trail with lots of switchbacks. The highlight was going through the Wall Street formation-- a narrow passage through rocks with steep walls all around. It is just like you were looking up at the skyscrapers on Wall Street.

Wall Street is up ahead in those rocks.

Inside Wall Street. Where you see people in the distance up on the
far wall, that is the switchbacks I'm soon going to tread.

Looking back at Wall Street.
This is looking down at a 45 degree angle, seeing people
on the switchbacks I just finished climbing.

The continued steep trail to the top.
More switchbacks.
Notice the people way up on the far right.

Our highest elevation for the day.

Natural Bridge formation that we saw close to Rainbow Point.