Thursday, June 25, 2015

Food talk--strawberries

One of the great things about this time of year is getting fresh produce from local gardens (or out of the backyard). And we had another one of those treats a few days ago. Aunt Martha and Uncle Billy invited me over to pick the last of the berries from their strawberry patch. So early one morning before the thermometer climbed into the 90's, I went. Aunt Martha and I picked a quart or so of the remaining strawberries not counting the ones we ate or fed to the dog while picking. They were delicious--sweet, juicy, and gently warmed by the sun. I usually think of eating strawberries cold, but the ones off the vine that morning were perfect. We have now finished the strawberries and I'm a little sad. But the blueberries will be here soon enough.

Aunt Martha was already picking when I got there. Dog was eagerly awaiting anything that might be tossed outside the fence for him. BTW, after a few years, the fence is still keeping the deer out even though they could jump over it if they wanted.

The end-of-the-season strawberries were small, but sweeter than ever.

Even though there weren't that many, my fingers are still stained from cleaning these.

Besides eating them by the handful, we enjoyed the strawberries on our cereal every morning.