Friday, April 24, 2015

V is for Velleity

You know how they say if you are really going to learn a new word, you need to use it. Well, a couple of years ago, I learned, velleity, a new-to-me word that I thought was great. I could see using it on a daily basis. However, that never seemed to happen after the first week, and I forgot it until recently. So I'm going to take a stab at it again.


Velleity---a noun that means to have a wish or desire to do something, but you are not interested in it enough to act on it.

--My desire to revamp the look of my blog was more of a velleity than a real plan.

--Velleity is what keeps me from cleaning up the pile on the bed in the guest room.

Can you think of a way that you could use velleity in a sentence?

But wait, there's more.
Here's how you say velleity.

U is for Use it Up

This cold has knocked me for a loop and I don't seem to able to write many coherent thoughts. Today was first going to be Unexpected results, then Underwear, then an Update. But after three attempts with only a few words and a lot of screen staring, I decided it was best to go the simple way and share with you one of my favorite sayings on a cross stitch I did several years ago.

I am going to finish this A-Z Challenge one way or another. Only five more letters ago and time to look around at what else I can take a picture of because we all know, "A picture is worth a thousand words."