Thursday, January 8, 2015

Broken Scales--Part 2

Broken Scales--Part One --Ward and I have been trying to figure out if out bathroom scale is broken.

The saga continues.

Our Christmas celebrations have been spread out this year and we had our final one last weekend. Even though we still have a few Christmas sweets around, we are trying to move onto more normal eating. In the meantime, Ward and I were curious to see what toll the holiday eating had taken on our weight. We weighed ourselves recently with debatable results.

We were gathered in our bedroom with Wally and Theo coordinating plans for the coming weeks. While he was listening, Wally stepped onto the scale and we heard a loud crack. We all thought that we might see the scale in two pieces because it was that loud. However, there was no visible damage and Wally and Theo both weighed themselves and said it seemed fine. But then Ward and I weighed ourselves and declared that something must have happened with that loud crack because the scale was weighing heavier than we thought it should.

I'm not sure what's going on here, but again I think the scale is broken. And I now have evidence in a loud crack to prove I'm right. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.