Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Second Look--February 25, 2015

After many snow and ice events and plenty of frigid temperatures, we finally had a big snow with more than a foot of accumulation over the weekend. The birds were out all day in it and they provided a great show for the cats who were pinned to the windows watching them. Ward and I were right behind them wondering when it was going to stop while at the same time appreciating how pretty it was.

Here were a few things I saw this week 
during a Second Look.
(All of the birds have a seed in their mouth or suet on their beaks in the pictures below. See if you can find it.)

These deer were visiting during last week's snow.

There go the azaleas. :(

We put out fresh suet before it started to snow which this squirrel really appreciated.


Female cardinal


White-throated sparrow


  1. OK... the squirrel hanging upside down to get the suet is pretty darned adorable. I'm just putty in their little paws!

  2. Squirrels can do about anything they put their mind to if food is involved. They are clever and agile creatures, but frustrating for those of trying to outsmart them.

    1. I've spent many-a-summer trying to build squirrel proof contraptions around my tomato plants to keep them from being eaten. But apparently sunflower seeds are WAY more interesting than fresh produce because since I've been feeding the squirrels they've totally left the garden alone. There's a fine line between benevolence and enlightened self-interest! :-)

    2. If only the deer were the same way. I have a big bed of daylilies, which deer love, and I told them that they could eat to their hearts content if they left everything else alone. But they didn't listen. :(

  3. An elderly woman from our church caught a squirrel in a live trap and while she was trying to release it in the woods behind her home, she fell and broke her leg. My hubby and I certainly felt sad for her but we were pretty sure she was deluded if she thought she was getting rid of the squirrel once and for all! They always find their way back ... crafty critters that they are!

    Do my eyes deceive me, or did I count 9 deer?? I bet gardening in your yard is a lost cause. Sometimes there are benefits to living in suburbia, much as I would love to have more property!

    1. There were three more deer that you don't see in this picture. A dozen plus or minus is usually how many deer we see at any one time. And yes, gardening is pretty much a lost cause here although I will say that I've given it a good try.


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