Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Second Look--June 4, 2014

Here are some things I saw this week during a

The bearded iris are almost done blooming, but the Siberian iris are still showing their beautiful purple color.

The tulip poplar tree is blooming.

Ward and I had an interesting show one morning as we watched a neighborhood cat stalk a groundhog.

The very fragrant wild roses are blooming. 

The golden garlic is blooming. Every year, I never remember we have these plants until they bloom. So they're always a nice surprise.

The chickadee is starting to lay eggs in the new nest that was built on top of another chickadee nest.

The bluebird box was starting to get crowded with the growing babies. Three days after this, the box was empty. Now we're not the only ones with an empty nest. :)

After having a big serving of suet, the squirrel cleaned up seeds under the bird feeder.