Friday, February 7, 2014

Food Waste Friday and True Food Confessions--February 7, 2014

Food Ramblings

I'm not sure how interesting it is for you to read my ramblings about our food endeavors last week without any pictures. On second thought, I'm not sure that they would make this post that much more riveting. Have you figured out that I didn't take any food pictures this week? Now to the rest of the world, that sounds kind of normal. However, in the bloggers world, it seems kind of strange.

I am continuing to try to do major grocery shopping every two weeks and last week was no exception. After I returned home with what I thought we needed, Ward went out the next day to get ingredients for his once-a-year cheesy Super Bowl dip. And the last week, we made an extra trip for Popcicles when I was sick. So what this is starting to look like is that we will do major shopping twice a week month and do fill ins when needed. So far, I think it is saving us time and money.

As for food waste, I had some grape tomatoes that got shriveled and mushy before they made it into my salad. I knew that they didn't have a very long life when I bought them, but when I am buying a treat of vegetables instead of cookies, I go for it. I did eat most of them and they did not disappoint. Otherwise, we are eating what we have in a timely manor.

Eating and cooking at home this week seemed like a chore as it often does because our minds were focused elsewhere. But just as with our poor man's lasagna last week, our avocado roll ups this week proved that it doesn't take much effort to put together a tasty, interesting meal. (That's a meal that's a step above a peanut butter sandwich which is not a bad offering either.) The roll ups included a tortilla with a layers of humus, Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, avocado, lettuce, and Italian dressing. Tasty, filling and not too bad on the health front. These were made by looking in the fridge to see what we had to work with and the forethought to buy avocados when they were on sale last week. We also had takeout Chinese which will also service us tonight and into the weekend. And this time we used a coupon.

So that's the ramblings for this week. Until next time...