Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Second Look--July 16, 2014

New things I saw this week during a Second Look:

  • Nest activity on top of the old chickadee nest
  • Five Wren eggs
  • Sunflower bloom (almost)
  • Gayfeather blooms
  • New kinds and colors of day lilies
  • Japanese beetles :(
  • Hot and steamy weather and lots of thunder storms (This is actually old news.)


  1. Oh, wow, live and learn! So much color! Now I need to check out my own yard and see f ours looks colorful. Our daylilies are finally blooming in the older patch, but not the new variety, yet. I think our lavender is done, and definitely no sunflowers here. If I had planted any, they wouldn't be in bloom until late August.
    Enjoy the beauty!

    1. Every year, I plan to plant several kinds of sunflowers, but never quite carry that out. Luckily, the birds seed a few for me. I'm sure you will find more color than you think. That's what happens to me.

  2. If I get ambitious today, I'll pinch back my petunias. However, I'm not sure I'm likely to work up a bunch of energy to do that. Your flowers are pretty.

    1. I was doing pretty well by doing something in the yard most days even if it were small--you know, the slow and steady wins the race thing. However, recently the heat has zapped me (and is giving me migraines), so I understand about working up the energy to do something outside. Good luck with the petunias.


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