Sunday, May 4, 2014

Thankful Sunday--May 4. 2014

I am thankful for blue skies.

The weather was warm enough this gutbucket bass player didn't need shoes.
After several days of pouring rain, we had a day of sunshine yesterday. This gave Ward and me a chance to enjoy the day at the Sheep and Wool Festival. 

Here are a few other things we saw.

We saw wool and yarn in every shape, size, and color imaginable.

These alpaca had just been sheared. I was surprised with how skinny their necks were.

These sheep were part of the sheep dog demonstration. This kind shed their hair instead of being sheared.

This dog was very eager for the next command for his sheep herding duties.


The entry way fence and trees were decorated with wool textile products from various groups.


  1. Uh oh. I looked at the yarn picture and thought, nope, I could never attend that event--I'd be out of control! I mean, look at how gorgeous the yarn is!

    With the sheep that shed instead of being sheared, do they save the wool for yarn?

    1. I assume that they do use their hair, but I'm not sure. The demo we saw was the first for the day and they were still working on a few kinks. The sheep escaped from the ring twice and retrieving them used up some of the time for educational comments.

      There were so many beautiful yarns and garments--you can't imagine. Also, many of the people walking around were wearing beautiful things they had made. I didn't buy anything I think because it was all so overwhelming (and expensive). However, I did enjoy looking.

  2. As I recall from my visits to the Sheep & Wool Festival, after a while you start looking at people's hair and beards, assessing it for crimp, grade, felting capability, etc. Glad you had good weather for the event!

    1. It was really crowded so it was difficult to see a lot of stuff without fighting the crowds. However, we enjoyed it all the same. And I am thinking about felting some unconventional things.


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