Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Second Look--May 29, 2013

The Second Look this week yielded a few new flowers and lots of baby watching. The baby bluebirds have fledged but we have seen both mom and dad on top of the box feeding them. Also, we have seen a female cardinal feeding what appeared to be a young house finch. I'm not sure if that is common, but I don't think it is. I also saw a young bunny doing just what its mother told it to--holding very still. The bunny did not move even a whisker until I was practically on top of it. The kits from next door are out and about exploring in the neighborhood with their mother. However, the youngest babies we have seen are the freshly hatched sparrow eggs. Three hatched on Saturday and the other two hatched on Monday.

Here's what I found this week during a Second Look.

Rozanne geranium

A bluejay must have flown by.

Gerber Daisies--a gift from my buddy, Sarah.

Even though doves are very common, this is the first one we have seen at our feeder.

Not sure what this is, but it is a bulb that comes back every year.

The quiet young bunny.

A new color of iris blooming.

Unfortunately, this starling has started to visit the feeder. It can make a suet cake disappear overnight.

Although the Siberian Iris have faded in some beds, they are going strong in others.

Cardinal feeding the young finch.

Newborn sparrows. Notice on the left there are still two unhatched eggs. On the right, the eggs are gone and there are now five babies instead of three.