Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Second Look--May 8, 2013

This had been the week of the azalea as most of them in the yard are close to full bloom. There are also daffodils still blooming, and the lily of the valley started to flower yesterday. I checked the bluebird box, and the mama is sitting on five eggs. The nest in the other box doesn't have any eggs yet, but the nest is changing. A few twigs have been added. I'm not sure what is making the nest, but it is not a bluebird because multiple nest materials are being used. A bluebird will use many different kinds of nesting materials, but only one kind at a time. The nest in the new box is made from moss, grass, and the twigs that were added recently. The bluebird nest in the other box is made only from pine needles.

 Here's what I saw this week during a Second Look.

We are having fewer birds at our feeder, but this blue jay has been visiting.

The farmer rotates the cattle among his fields during the spring and summer. There were none in the field behind me this week.

I think this is the 8th variety of daffodil to bloom.


We call this tree our woodpecker tree because it has holes all over it from woodpeckers. The hole in the picture has been freshly cleaned out. However, it's too high up to see if there are any eggs in it.

The bird's nest spruce is getting new growth on it.


You can see the different materials making up this nest, so it was probably not made by a bluebird.

Lily of the valley started to bloom yesterday.


It was raining the day I took the picture of this azalea. You may have noticed raindrops on some of the other pictures, too.

Munching day lilies.

Home, sweet home.