Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Second Look--February 27, 2013

Right now it's 36° F, with a strong wind driving rain into the windows. I'm glad that I did my exploring earlier in the week because I really don't want to go outside right now. As I did my Second Look, I found that I am focusing more on animals than plants, which I guess is no surprise since most of the plants are still dormant. However, I did find another clump of snowdrops I didn't know about. A pleasant surprise. 

Also, I found more bones this week. Ward and I visited a local park last weekend and talked to the naturalist about some of the bones we've been finding. She gave us some good information to help narrow down what animals we may be dealing with. I found it all very interesting and will share some of her wisdom with you in another post. 

Here's What I Found This Week During a Second Look.

Carolina wren

Acorn caps

Deer hoof prints


Leaves we didn't get raked last fall.

Red-bellied woodpecker

Mammal jaw bone

Crow vertebrae

Park where Ward and I met with the naturalist.