Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Second Look--February 20, 2013

We continue to have a little snow everyday or two, but not enough to last. Also, I haven't seen as many birds at the feeder recently, but I think that is because I'm not watching at the right times. They come in groups intermittently and you have to be watching at the right times or you will miss them. However, the crows come every morning around breakfast time, so I always get a good show from them. Ward and Theo went on one of the walks with me this week. I always find it interesting to see what someone else notices. Ward found another bone and Theo found an old ball, both things I would have missed on my own.

Here's what we saw this week during our Second Look.

Crocus pushing up through the mulch.

It was snowing very large flakes this morning.

This was the only feather in the area.

Sometimes when a lot of crows fly in, I feel like I'm in the movie, The Birds.

Fungus on a rotting tree stump

Something rooted up this clump of moss.

Theo's ball

I think this bone was part of a bird.