Friday, December 21, 2012

Food Waste Friday and True Food Confessions--Dec. 21, 2012

It's time for Food Waste Friday, when the Frugalgirl encourages us to post pictures from the previous week of wasted food from our household. This accountability hopefully will help us to be more careful with our food and maybe save some money. Also, I am using this public forum to encourage us to eat out less which includes better meal planning. You can follow how we are doing in this endeavor by reading True Food Confessions. (Thanks to Simply Being Mom for hosting Food Waste Friday this week.)

This Week's Food Waste

I had no waste this week, but to be honest, I didn't look very hard to find any. But I'm still going to go with no waste. Yea!

I saved some oranges by making Christmas ornaments out of them.


This Week's True Food Confessions

Some of the food that graced our table this week.

Let's see. We had two work luncheons and a Christmas party this week where we took our new favorite thing--seven layer dip with tortilla chips. Wally took some to a party last week and it seemed like a good idea to take everywhere else we've gone. I think we're going to add a meat layer to it and have it for supper next week.

And speaking of Wally, he made his "famous" Ramon noodle dish which has spicy tomatoes, ground meat, and noodles in it. He has a complicated way of making it, or so it seems to me the simple cook, but it pleases every time. I made one of my favorites, spinach pie. It's very simple and is essentially spinach and cheese between two pie crusts. I got the recipe from a friend at work and I'll be sharing it soon in another post. We also had pizza and salad one night and chicken and cauliflower another. In addition, we filled up with cookies during the week from holiday baking and sharing.

I can't recall that we had any takeout this week, but just as I didn't search too hard for waste, I'm not going to think too hard about it. I'm declaring this week a success. Yea!