Friday, September 14, 2012

Food Waste Friday and True Food Confessions--September 14, 2012

It's time for Food Waste Friday, when the Frugalgirl encourages us to post pictures from the previous week of wasted food from our household. This accountability hopefully will help us to be more careful with our food and maybe save some money.

Also, I am using this public forum to encourage us to eat out less which includes better meal planning. You can follow how we are doing in this endeavor by reading True Food Confessions.

This Week's Food Waste

This was the week of the stinky tomato. I have some end of the season tomatoes on my counter ripening and one of the green ones rotted. One day it seemed fine and the next day it was oozing stinky liquid. No picture of that one because all I could think about was getting that smell out of the kitchen. However, you can see the ripe one that went bad before I got to it. Thank goodness, there was no smell associated with it.

This Week's True Food Confessions

 I Spy a Good Week

Can you find:

1. A delicious dish that Theo put together of macaroni, tuna, and spicy tomatoes.

2. Squash stuffed with sausage, rice and cheese.

3. A pie made from leftover squash stuffing, cheese, eggs, and kale.   A big hit.

4. Frozen pizza topped with fresh tomatoes.

5. Breakfast burritos. A favorite of Ward.

6. Soup made from kale, potatoes, ham, and carrots. Surprisingly quite good.

7. A go to favorite on busy days.

8. Salad with fresh tomatoes.

9. Spaghetti with sauce from the freezer that was made earlier in the summer with extra tomatoes.

10. Dinner at church where we did clean up. (Might not see this one. Don't strain your eyes)

We all chipped in and made it work this week. A meal plan for the entire week with a comprehensive grocery store trip still evades us, but maybe it always will. There are still too many other things that are more interesting than cooking.