Saturday, June 2, 2012

Strawberry Picking

Today Theo, Aunt Martha, and I went picking in Uncle Billy's strawberry patch.

There's nothing better than strawberries fresh off the vine!


Some of us learn by doing. Some of us learn by watching, and some of us never learn. This is as true for cats as it is for humans. Case in point. I leave kibble in a cup for the cats when they are begging for food, but it's not quite time for them to eat. First, it keeps them quiet. (and yes, I know that that's a bad precedent) and two, it's an enrichment activity for them as they manipulate the kibble to get it out.

Lucy watching Annie effortlessly get kibble from the cup.

We'll start with Annie. She instantly understood that her head was too big to eat from the cup, so she tried putting her paw in the cup. She was able to drag out pieces to eat. 
Learns by doing

Lucky getting a snack.

Next we have Lucky. He wasn't quite sure what to do with the cup, but after watching Annie, he too put his paw in and drug out food to eat. Learns by watching

Lucy investigates the cup after Annie and Lucky leave.

Then we have Lucy.  Like Lucky she wasn't quite sure how to get the food out of the cup. 

Lucy gets her head stuck in the cup.

But after watching Annie and Lucky drag pieces out with their paws, Lucy still uses her unsuccessful head-in-the-cup method.  Never learns.

Now it may seem as if I am picking on Lucy, but I'm just being observant. If it will make you feel better, I will divulge something I have never learned. Right from left. But that's another story.