Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Second Look--October 17, 2012

The mums are blooming, the leaves are turning, and the nights are freezing. Autumn is really here. 

See What I Found This Week During a Second Look.

These are the first mums to bloom this fall.

Chinese lantern seed pods

We're seeing more activity at our feeder these days. This is an adult male house finch.

One of our many squirrels taking a drink from the bird bath.

After a rain one day, these mushrooms sprang up.

The dogwoods were the first trees to turn colors. They have been red for a couple of weeks now.

This maple is also starting to turn. Notice that it does it from the top down. The bare branches transition to red leaves which transition to green leaves.

This impatiens was close to the house, so it survived our first frost.


  1. Those Chinese lantern pods are so visually interesting.

    1. These seed pods are very interesting. However, in the ideal world, I wouldn't have so many. The Chinese lanterns are weeds that were taking over my daisy bed.

  2. It all looks beautiful. I agree, those Chinese lantern pods are very interesting looking.
    There are a few trees in our area that look magnificent. No mums this year, but our teddy bear sunflowers are still blooming.

    1. I love any kind of sunflower but only had one this year. Maybe I'll plant some more next year if I can figure out a good spot for them.

  3. I love the squirrel photo! That's not something you see over here :)

  4. Do you have any squirrels? What is your similar animal?


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