Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Meet Lucky

(so named after surviving an unfortunate
encounter with a slamming door as a kitten.)

L-Lucy's litter mate
U-Unusual coloring--black-tipped gray fur
C-Calm, except when the vet is involved
K-King of our four cats
Y-You'll love him.

More of Lucky

Lucky looks forward to Christmas every year when he spends all of his time under the tree.

It seems as if an empty box is irresistible to Lucky and to all other cats for that matter.
Lucky was accidentally shut in here for several hours, but didn't want to get out once the door was opened.

Lucky, Annie, and Leo playing in Wally's room.

Lucky watching a squirrel outside.

Lucky's favorite afternoon lounging spot.

Lucky likes to flop at your feet signaling it's time to pet him.


  1. I enjoyed reading about your four cats. It took me back to when my life was ruled by cats. I once shared a home with three other women and all of us had cats, actually the household had seven cats.. Looking at the boxes your cats enjoy I am reminded of making catnip boxes for my cat Ben. All I would do is sprinkle loose catnip into the bottom of a large enough box (no shoe boxes) and watch him enjoy getting high. I gave him a party when he turned 18 and noted on the invitation that catnip was his drug of choice. He got enough presents to last him until his death two years and five months later. I still miss him.

    1. Seven cats in one household! And I thought that we were at full cat capacity with just four. I am glad that you got to enjoy Ben for so long and thanks for sharing his catnip story. Our cats provide us with a lot of entertainment and we love them.


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