Friday, May 27, 2011

Three Year Old Pickles

Are you familiar with Food Waste Friday, started by the FrugalGirl? It encourages people to post pictures of the food they let go to waste. The idea is to make you more aware of what happens to the food in your house. I was intrigued with the idea, so I thought Ward, the boys, and I would give it a try.

We started by looking in our refrigerator. As I had anticipated, we didn't find much spoiled food. However, we did find a lot of food that nobody had any intentions of eating. We found eight Clementines from Christmas that had dried up inside. Also, there were the three year old pickles that had turned rubbery. Next to them, was a jar of salsa with crusted sauce in the bottom. Unfortunately, the list goes on.

Hot sauce shelf in our newly organized refrigerator.
By the time we had almost filled up our kitchen trash can, I decided that it was too embarrassing to post our waste. When I had checked out other people's pictures, there was a person who found one apple that was starting to shrivel, so she made apple muffins. Theodore said she was just showing off. However, most entries were like that. So maybe, we'll start participating next week when we will have a relatively clean slate to start from—unless we decide to clean out the pantry.

I guess FrugalGirl might be onto something. I don't know if the embarrassment factor is going to get us to waste less food or just hide, but it did get us an organized, clean refrigerator. Thanks to her for that.

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  1. I'm been too embarrassed to show what I've found in my fridge when I've consciously done this. I'm impressed by you, and hopefully, one day, I'll be brave like you. :-)

    On a side note - I really like the idea of using chicken in sloppy joes! I'm going to give that a try.


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