Sunday, July 9, 2017

A Second Look--July 6, 2017

Hello from the great state of West Virginia. In other words, I'm visiting my mother. I had meant to post this Second Look before I left, but didn't find the time. So, I added the pictures and said I would finish it up when I got here. As always, the visits are a jam-packed whirlwind and the post didn't happen.

This morning we leave for the drive back. We're taking the scenic route which means we're taking two days to drive the back roads so we may not have internet access. And that all means, I am determined to get this published before we leave. Now I just hope Ward doesn't notice that I'm here on the computer after I emphasized how we need to work hard to get packed and ready to go before we have breakfast with my mother this morning.

Without further ramblings, here are a few things I saw recently during a Second Look.

The orange day lilies have bloomed. These are a little fancier than the standard day lilies as they have double blossoms.

The sunflowers have started to bloom. You may notice that the Japanese beetles have found their leaves.

I planted Fat Horse pole beans between the sunflowers and they have sprouted. I plan to let the beans climb the stems of the sunflowers.

These flowers were an impulse buy from the bargain bin. Now if I could only figure out what they are.

After a recent rain, wild asparagus sprang up in two places.

This is an oak log that was impregnated with mushroom spores to grow mushrooms for eating. It was a gift from friends who do this to earn extra money. However, I've never seen this kind of growth before and I'm curious to see what it turns into.

Who can ID these flowers for me?  I don't know if they're considered a weed or have just escaped from someone's yard.  I see them in several places in my yard.

The wren eggs have hatched.

Look how much they've grown in three days. Notice how much they fill up the nest cavity in each picture.

The robin is still sitting on her eggs. However, there are only three in the nest now. Last week there were four.