Sunday, June 11, 2017

Thankful Sunday--June 11, 2017

I am thankful for Mr. B and his love for gardening. 

Mr. B was the elderly man who used to live in our house with his wife. He moved in when he was in his 70's and lived here until he passed away at 96. The neighbors say he had a passion for gardening and used to plant a huge vegetable garden and fruit trees. He also planted flowers. Some of these things didn't survive his 25 years here, but many of them did for us to enjoy. So for Mr. B and what he left behind, I am thankful. Below are a few of them.

We were't sure what this tree was until it started blooming and producing fruit. Turns out it is a sour cherry tree. The cherries are now ripe and we've picked a few. We hoping for a sour cherry pie sometime soon. In the meantime if we do very much of this, I'm getting a cherry pitter.

The back corner bed continues to surprise as I find new things emerging from the intertwined ground covers.  This week I found these yellow flowers. I haven't figured out what they are yet.

And these daisy-like flowers. Name, anyone?

The apples are still small enough that they are hard to spot on the tree among the leaves. However, several are on the ground like this one.

There are two large nandinas on the side of the house. They are now budding and it turns out they are two different colors. I have never seen pink flowers on one like this.

I am more familiar with white ones like this.