Thursday, May 4, 2017

A Second Look--May 5, 2017

 We are experiencing typical spring weather which means it cycles from hot and humid to cool and breezy and back to hot again. With every change, rain is sprinkled in here and there. This has been good growing weather for almost everything. The grass and its accompanying weeds have been growing like crazy and we've needed to mow at least twice a week. The trees are leafed out with only a few blooms left on them. I continue to discover new things popping up in the yard which is a lot of fun. I just wish they weren't encased in ground cover vines or poison ivy. A challenging problem to solve for sure.

Here are a few things a saw this week
 during a Second Look.

While most of the trees have lost their blooms, these azaleas are still providing lots of color. The bushes are on the side of the house and looked like they haven't had much attention except some trimming of deadwood I did earlier. However, neglect must be good, because they are really pretty.

Corral bells are blooming on the other side of the house. I can't pass them without singing White Coral Bells. Now I need to find someone to sing this with me in a round.

A salvia plant has also started to bloom in that bed.

The back corner bed is the one that intrigues me the most. Three planted ground covers plus poison ivy thoroughly cover everything. So when I discover a plant or one grows above the background vines, it is truly a fun surprise.

Recently discovered are these poppies. I see buds, so they may be blooming soon. Poppies are known for seeding and spreading like crazy. However, I think there's too much shade or ground cover here for that to happen. Also notice the vinca vines' purple flowers on the right.

The dianthus I uncovered last week has started to bloom.

Remember Miss Annie Laurie's hellebore? It needs shade, so it was planted it in this bed. I moved it from the old house and it spent the winter in a pot. It suffered another assault when I accidentally dropped it head first into the hole I dug. However, just like before it seems to be rallying. 

No eggs in the nest yet, but there continues to be work on it.