Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A Second Look--April 12, 2017

Spring officially delivered us our first hot day yesterday when the temperatures reached low 80's. Fortunately, cooler temperatures have returned today with a little rain. Most of the trees are in some stage of bloom right now and it's very pretty outside. I can only imagine how beautiful they will look next year when they haven't just had a severe pruning.

Here are some things I saw this week 
during a Second Look.

Another couple of daffodils bloomed. Because I am not seeing them en mass. I get a chance to appreciate the individual blooms. 

Feed them and they will come. Compared to our old yard, I've seen very few squirrels here. However, it was only a matter of time until we started waging our battle against them at the bird feeders. That war began this week. But so far, we're only mildly discouraging them as they are providing a lot of entertainment for us and the cats.

Grape hyacinths and periwinkle are blooming together for a nice splash of purple color.

In the same bed, I've counted at least 6 different kinds of invasive plants. I'm going to spend this season seeing what I can get under control as far as these weeds go.

There are two crab apple trees in bloom now. Or that's what I think. I know one of them is a crab apple and think that's what the other one is. Time will tell.

Two regular apple trees are starting to bloom, also. Since we pruned the trees up so we could mow under them, I'm not tall enough to take very good pictures of their blossoms. However, this tree obliged with a stray bloom down low.

The lilac blooms are budding and should be in full bloom soon.

We haven't gotten a chance to thin this shrub yet, but it starting to bloom. I'm not sure what it is. There's not good perspective on this picture, but it's about 5 feet tall if that helps anyone identity it.

We have a large ornamental pear tree in the front yard that is also starting to bloom.

And the cherry tree is finally blooming this week, also,

We've had some very windy days recently. Enough so that the weather vane got totally blown off the top of the house. Wally came by for a visit, and he and Ward redesigned the whole thing and reinstalled it. My favorite part is they took a compass on the roof with them and oriented it correctly. :)