Thursday, March 30, 2017

A Second Look--March 30, 2017

Spring is definitely here with cold nights and warmer days. Never say never, but I think we're done with snow for the season. Trees are starting to bloom around the area along with crocus and daffodils. However, my yard seems to be slow in these things. I have several daffodil leaves up in my yard with no sign of blooms yet and my cherry tree is bare while they are blooming all around me. I don't know what it all means.

What I do know is that most of the bushes and trees were overgrown and in need of trimming--especially the fruit trees. We had that done earlier this week. It was amazing to watch the men work as they scurried up the trees with a chainsaw where they stood on swaying limbs as they topped and thinned branches. But also, it was scary to watch as they remained in the trees sawing away when it started to rain really hard with thunder and lightning.  I guess all's well, that ends well because no one got hurt and the job was done well.

We've seen a lot of birds this week. However, getting pictures of them remains elusive. The way things are set up now, they all scatter as I approach the window with my camera. But they still provided entertainment for the cats and the rest of us.

Here are a few things I saw this week
during a Second Look.

Violets are popping up everywhere. While I love violets, I also know from experience that they can totally take over. I've been trying to clean some of them out of the flower beds.

While trimming some of the deadwood off of this azalea, I found a bird's nest. It's probably a sparrows nest, but possibly a wren's nest. 

There is one daffodil left blooming under the massive pine tree.

This is one of the smaller pear trees that got thinned. It's also the first tree in the yard to bloom.

In the foreground, you see one of our apple trees that was also pruned.
Behind it, you see the neighbor's cherry tree in full bloom.

There are a few grape hyacinths here and there along the sidewalk that are budding.

It's a little late, but we put up two birdhouses this week including this one from my book club friends. Sometimes it takes a year or more for birds to find new houses,
but I'm hoping we see some activity this season.

We have forsythia along our back fence that survived the hard freezes
 and continued to bloom this week.

I saw a Carolina wren on the deck. They haven't been common visitors so far.