Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Second Look--March 23, 2017

Here are few things I saw recently 
during my Second Look.

We've had snow twice recently. About a week ago,  it was several inches thick and I got a day off from work. Sunday we woke up to a surprise snow that you see in this picture. It was also windy and cold and this mocking bird was fluffing up its feathers to stay warm.

We've had some warm weather and many things started to bloom. Unfortunately, we then had some hard freezes, that killed most of the things that had come out. I don't know if this forsythia will try again to bloom or not.

You can see the tops of these day lily leaves have been damaged by the cold weather. However, they should recover just fine.

Although there have been daffodils blooming in abundance around the area, these are the only ones that have bloomed in my yard. The cold and the wind made it hard for them to hold their heads up.

The blooming daffodils are growing under this massive pine tree. I don't think I've see a trunk like this on a pine tree before. Maybe that's what happens when you don't trim the lower branches. Whatever the reason, I like the massiveness of it.

Not sure what this is but it is one of many shrubs and trees in the yard that have been bitten by the cold. I hope the fruit trees recover and give it another go.

The periwinkle managed to survive the weather and is providing bits of color here and there.

It looks like these lilac buds are okay, also.

We are slowly building diversity at our bird feeders. Starlings like this one are frequent visitors. 

Other birds are often intimidated by starlings, but the finches don't seem to mind them.

Unfortunately during one of the windy days, part of our fence blew down. Another chore for this weekend.