Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Houses update

I can't imagine how this can be that interesting to anyone, but I'll do another update on how the house transition is going because some of you are curious.

Pick a color, any color.
At the current house, we continue to sort and purge things. There's not too much we can pack yet because we are either using it or might use it for staging. However, most of our books have been gone through and packed and some of the mementos and craft items.  We continue to give several bags, boxes, or van loads away every week including some furniture. However, the house is still full. You can accumulate a lot in 19 years even when you get rid of things regularly.

What I'm most interested in is the new yard and transferring some of the things from the current yard to there. However, several of the new beds are overrun with poison ivy so we are going to have to hire someone to pull it before we can work in them.  Poison ivy is hard to get rid so it may take a couple of years. However, we have found someone to mow the lawn at the new house and we are mowing the lawn at the current house after we got the lawn mower fixed. Not an easy task, but it's done. Also, we set up a couple of bird feeders at the new place hoping the birds will find them before the winter. There was not an obviously good place for them, but we can work on that when we move in.

We have finally gotten all of the wallpaper off the walls in Wally's old room. Now it's time for all of the prep work for painting. Yuck. But even more yuck, we have wallpaper to remove in Theo's old room. Still lots to do here before we put the house on the market.

Work is finally progressing at the new house. The bathroom is about half done and floor work started yesterday. I'm not sure a day's gone by in the last month or two that we haven't been in some kind of home improvement store picking out something. We pretty much remain confused with all of the choices. Today is paint color.

The furnace doesn't work in the new shop, so Ward has been researching other heating methods. Well, actually, the furnace does work, but the tech cut the wires on it so it wouldn't work because it's not safe.

Computer time is up for now, so there's a partial brain dump from the swirling that goes on in my head pretty much all of the time. It's all going to be good in the end, but still many miles to go before I can sleep.