Monday, May 23, 2016


or How to Have Fun on a Rainy Day

Another weekend of heavy rain, so Ward and I decided that since we couldn't get to our outside chores, we shouldn't do the inside ones either. (Like our logic?) So off we went to see an exhibit of kaleidoscopes. The exhibit was celebrating the 200th anniversary of when Sir David Brewster first displayed one.

The exhibit was held in an old mansion and featured major kaleidoscope artists from around the world. The pieces were beautiful from both the inside and on the outside. As well as the kaleidoscopes themselves, we saw paintings and quilts with kaleidoscope themes. Below are some pictures of what we saw. I tried to take photos of what we saw through the eyepieces with limited success, but you'll see a few of those anyway.

The design in each square of this quilt was made by individual pieces that were pieced with amazing precision.

These were made from gourds.

This was a kaleidoscope wagon with a big kaleidoscope in the middle and other ones around.

Ward checking out the view in the wagon. 

The majority of the works were for sale and ranged in price from $95 to $28,000. But you could still pickup most of them and look inside.

Look closely to see what this picture is made up of.

There was only a light rain, so we also walked around the grounds of the mansion.

A sculpture dedicated to the arts.

And how lucky are we that this whole afternoon was free.