Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to everyone 
out there who has ever had a mother. 

Below is a post that I wrote for my mother four years ago. A lot has changed since then as my mother has gone from being independent to living in a nursing home. However, the things she taught me and the way they shaped me has not changed. 

Happy Mother's Day

When I think about my mother and what she taught me, my head spins because the list seems endless. She taught me how to measure a cup of flour with the straight edge of a butter knife and the dying art of ironing a shirt. I know how to treat a fever and plan a menu thanks to her tutoring.

A table I helped lash at Girl Scout camp.
And when she didn't know how to do something herself, she made sure that I learned in other ways. She took me to swimming lessons and clarinet lessons. That says a lot for someone who was afraid of the water and wanted to wear earplugs during my early music instruction. Thanks to her, I know how to lash a table out of branches and I don't think that's something she learned in nursing school. I think the 23 years she dedicated to being a Girl Scout leader had something to do with that.

However if I have to pick one thing that she taught me, I think the most important is respect for others and especially the elderly. When I was growing up, we had several older people in our neighborhood.
Mrs. Craft, one of the neighbors I visited growing up.
We regularly took food to them and just visited—sitting on the couch and talking. It wasn't always easy for me, but I learned how important it was over time. I hope that I have taught this respect to my children as well.

So, Mother, when I can't be there to take you some food and just sit on the couch and visit, I want you to know that you've got one* grateful daughter wishing you a Happy Mother's Day.

*Actually, I've got three sisters, so my mother has four grateful daughters this Mother's Day.