Friday, April 8, 2016

G is for Got It

G is for Got It--Blogging Fatigue, that is. 

I made it almost a week with the A-Z Challenge before the blogging fatigue set in. Or maybe, I'm just tired today. Some days are like that especially if the night before has been a toss and turn night. So as I thought about what to write for the letter G, I couldn't come up with anything that seemed easy enough to pull off right now. Did I mention I was tired?

As I was doing some chores around the house, here are thoughts I had.
Garden Flamingo

Golden Delicious Apples--these were developed in WV in the county next to where I grew up.

Golden Horseshoe--Speaking of West Virginia, the Golden Horseshoe is awarded to 8th graders in WV who are highly knowledgeable about their state. It was a big deal in my family.

Gum--I like to chew it. Couldn't chew it as a kid. Made it once not very successfully. Liked teaberry flavor and I have a teaberry plant.

Grade school vs. primary school vs. elementary school Are there really any differences?

Green advertising--what a gimmick

Gluten fad--speaking of gimmicky advertising.

Googling--how many times a day do you look something up with Google.

Then I looked through a few of my pictures, and considered these.

Gaillardia or Blanket Flowers

Gripping roots

Girl Cat, Annie

As you can see, I was kind of stretching it by the time I got to my pictures.

None of these ideas are going to happen right now. Maybe another day. Time to move forward to the letter H. Or maybe time to relax and get a better night's sleep tonight.