Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Second Look--March 23, 2016

Spring officially started on Sunday, but not before winter had one last fling. It snowed on Saturday night and while the snow was pretty intense at times, there was no accumulation because most of it melted when it hit the warm ground. The first daffodil bloomed this week along with a couple of buds on the peach tree. My yard seems a little slow in its spring growth compared to some others around, but it's getting there and that is making me very happy. 

Here are a few things I saw this week 
during a Second Look.

Peach tree buds

Maple tree blooms, Can you say allergies?

The first daffodil bloom. There have been a few others since then.

I have seen three new calves so far in the field behind me.

Moon and Jupiter. I don't have a good enough camera to see much, but that is a gibbous moon and the little white dot is Jupiter.

Spring, summer, winter, or fall, the downy woodpecker is a faithful visitor to the feeder.