Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Second Look--March 17, 2016

It rained most of last week which limited my exploration time for a Second Look. So I looked mostly around the house between showers. I found more crocus blooming, but no daffodils yet. I had a surprise when I looked out my front door yesterday and saw that one of the peris japonica bushes was in bloom. It is about a month ahead of schedule.

Otherwise, the bird activity has picked up again. For 4 days, we saw almost no activity around the feeders. I'm not sure what was going on (my theory was that there were extra hawks in the area), but the birds are slowly coming back. I thought all of the juncos had gone because they are a winter bird for us, but I've seen a few the last couple of days.

Here are some things I saw this week
 during a Second Look.


Pieris japonica

Bluebird, male

Dark-eyed junco

Cardinal, female

Sunrise Sunday morning.