Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Second Look--January 6, 2016

Accumulating snow still eludes us in this warmer-than-normal weather, but the temperature is starting feel like it really is January. This morning it was in the single digits. Despite the cold weather, a couple of pansies are still providing color. A welcome sight among the browns.

The deer are coming in increasing numbers with 8-12  at a time not uncommon. You can tell that they are comfortable in our yard because they often take an afternoon nap here. The squirrels are busy as ever and I observed one doing something I had never noticed before. It was gathering up dried leaves in its mouth and then disappearing into a tall pine tree. I assume that it was lining its nest to help protect against the cold weather that is finally here.

Here are a few things I saw this week 
during a Second Look.

Although this pansy is a little ragged around the edges, it survived last night's very cold temperatures.

This picture was taken before the really cold night. The pansy is still blooming, but drooping a little now.

You just never know when or where you'll find a dandelion blooming.

Downy woodpecker

At the end of the yard, there were 11 deer grazing yesterday.

Much closer to the house, these deer were lounging after grazing for a while.

The squirrel stuffed some more leaves into its mouth before it disappeared high into a pine tree.