Sunday, December 13, 2015

Thankful Sunday--December 13, 2015

I am thankful for warm weather.

The woods were brown and a little muddy during our hike.
Yesterday, it was in the 60's! In December! And it was wonderful. Ward and I took a hike in the morning and then pretended like it was cold outside and decorated our Christmas tree in the afternoon. Wally and Theo came and we had a big pot of chili with cornbread to complete the illusion of winter. However, it was still warm outside and that got us talking about when we lived in Houston where it was usually warm at Christmastime. This evolved into a fun trip down memory lane of Christmases past.

Christmas comes whether or not it looks like a Christmas card outside and for that I am thankful. But I'm especially thankful that I didn't need a jacket yesterday.