Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween Candy Favorites

Last years Halloween Candy. Reese's-overall favorite, KitKat-Montana's favorite,
and Tootsie Rolls--New Hampshire's favorite
Halloween is in two days and recently on the news they have been reporting about favorite Halloween candies. (Wanna guess the top choice in the country? Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.) However, what I found more interesting than the overall results was the favorite Halloween candy for each of the fifty states. Influenster polled 40,000 people and compiled individual state statistics.
The results showed a wide variety of preferences but basically chocolate and sour candies predominated. The exception to this was candy corn which as the most picked candy with five states choosing it. And what I found very interesting was some candies that one group may consider the "yucky" candies such as candy corn, Sweet Tarts, and Laffy Taffy were top picks for others.

A couple of states stood out to me. Arizona's choice was Toblerone bars. Wow, Swedish chocolate for Halloween? That seemed kind of fancy to me to give out in numbers, but maybe there's some kind of history to that that I don't know. West Virginia's choice was Oreos. They were the only state that chose cookies. Not sure where this comes from either. I never got any Oreos in my bag when I was growing up there and I don't think my mother has ever handed any out. But times do change.

According to the survey, if I want to give out the favorite candy in Maryland, I need to get some Almond Joys. But first I have to figure out the age old question? Do I want to give out a candy I like so I can enjoy the leftovers? (That would certainly be Almond Joys or most other kinds of chocolate). Or do I give out something I don't like so I won't eat the leftovers (That would be Whoppers--Kentucky's favorite .) I think the answer to this question will probably be determined by how hungry I am when I go shopping Halloween morning.

What kind of candy do you like? What's your candy buying strategy?