Monday, August 17, 2015


As you know, our cat Lucy is sick. Working with the vet and using many of your great suggestions, we are trying to treat her maladies. This endeavor is occupying much of our time, energy, and emotion. At times, I am encouraged and think we can get her to a stable place and enjoy her for a while longer. At other times, I think that I should deal with reality and enjoy her for the little time she has left. So far, she is sending us no clear messages. Last night looked grim, but this morning looks better. And so it goes. In the meantime, I am reposting a "Day in the Life of Lucy" from a couple of years ago to remind you what Lucy looks like. So you can have a face with a name or some fur with a name, so to speak. :)

A Day in the Life of Lucy

A Day in the Life of Lucy

Lucy started her day with a little breakfast.

Then she decided to join Wally who was still in bed.

After her nap with Wally, she joined the family in 
a game of Scrabble.

She soon became bored with Scrabble and decided 
to play cards instead.

All the game playing tired her out, so she took another 
nap with the rest of the cats.

After her rest, she tried her paws at some arts and crafts.

The tedium of the arts and crafts made her nervous, so she chewed on a box to calm herself before her next nap.

When she woke up, she was hungry and demanded to be fed.

After eating, she decided that she would watch some TV with me and Annie, but soon fell asleep.

With her last burst of energy for the day, she caught a "mouse."

And she fell asleep for the night beside Ward.

The end.