Monday, June 22, 2015

A Trip to the Recycling Center

We are fortunate to have a good recycling center in our county along with curbside pickup. We have once a week pickup for glass, metal, plastic, paper, and yard waste. However, sometimes we have too much for pickup and we make a trip to the center itself. This is usually for yard waste and that's what we did past Saturday. Every time I go, I am amazed by the scale of the operation and this time was no exception. Below are a few pictures.

Thursday night, we had a bad thunderstorm complete with hail.

Friday when I was out weeding another bed, I noticed a very large tree limb in the neighbors yard that had come from one of our trees during the storm. We borrowed Uncle Billy's truck, and then Ward and I cut up the limb and loaded it into the truck to take to the recycling center.

The center is quite large, but there were good signs to help us find the section we needed.

In the yard waste area, they have different piles depending on what kind of waste you have. One of the employees directed us to the branch pile where we unloaded the truck.

After we unloaded, Ward decided that he wanted to watch some of the big machinery at work.

A bulldozer was loading an extra large chipper. Notice the large pile of chipped material behind the bulldozer and in the picture above.

The mulch is then available for anyone to take and use.