Thursday, June 4, 2015

Meet Strayer

And Learn a Little More About Me

One of the fun things about the A-Z challenge was finding new blog friends. One of the ones I met during the challenge was Strayer at her blog, Cat Eyes—A Cat Woman's Photos. Stayer's mission in life is based on her love for cats. She takes care of stray cats by both getting them fixed and addressing their medical needs. She does this with a lot of hard work and little money. She blogs about her adventures in capturing the cats, medical fixes, and cat behavior. However, she also posts about her interesting past which includes both some good and bad parts. Recently, I particularly enjoyed her post about her adventures on her first motorcycle. That post brought out some equally interesting stories in the comments. When you have a chance, you might give her blog a visit and learn about the important work she is doing.

Strayer nominated me for the Liebster Award which is a way for bloggers to introduce new people to their blogs. While I won't be doing the nominating part of the award, I will answer the questions that Strayer asked as part of the process because I always find it interesting to read the questions and answers that go with these awards.

Cats or dogs? I think the answer to that is obvious—cats. However, I do enjoy dogs. Most of them are so easy to please and always have a tongue-hanging-out-of-the-mouth, happy expression.

Your favorite book? That's a hard question because I have liked so many. However if I had to pick one right now without thinking too much about it, I'd pick the Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I love the awakening of the garden as well as the awakening of Colin with fresh air and hard work.

Your Favorite Movie? Once again a hard question, but I'll say, Singing in the Rain. I love a good musical. Just thought of another one—To Kill A Mockingbird. I love everything about it especially the character of Scout.

Mass transport commute or your own car? I drive most places I go because mass transport is not available. However, I took the bus to work for the five years I lived in New Orleans.

Eat in or eat out? I prefer eating in. However, I'm perfectly okay if I am eating take out while I'm eating in.

Noise or silence: Definitely silence. I can't be around too much noise/music/conversation, etc. until I need to get away. My brain seems to get overstimulated from this.

Crowds or alone: I don't mind a crowd as long as I don't have to figure out how to maneuver in it. If I'm already in place, I like the energy of a crowd. I also like my alone time.

Have you ever been to a county fair? I have been to one many, many times. I grew up going to one every year and have gone to the local one for most of the 18 years we have lived here. I have sometimes shared my fair visits on this blog.

Jet ski or kayak? Kayak. I have never been on a jet ski and I'm not sure that I'm coordinated enough to manage one. I have done some kayaking, but I've done more canoeing.

TV or book? If I'm honest, I'll say TV. Some think of TV as a wasteland, but I think of TV as a relaxing activity where I can usually find a program that makes me laugh. I also love to get lost in a book.

City or country? No doubt about this one—country. I love to be in the out of doors with space around. I have been the happiest when I have been living in this setting. However, I worked in a city for several years and enjoyed what it had to offer. I would often go out at lunch or after work to the big department stores, fancy restaurants, and tourist attractions. However, I was always glad to leave it in the evening.

Thanks to Strayer for the nomination and providing these questions for you to learn a little more about me.