Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Second Look--May 6, 2015

We've had some very nice warm weather recently--warm enough that we're thinking it might be time for the air conditioner. But it is still spring, so it should cool off soon. There are still a few daffodils blooming and the dogwoods are just starting to fade. Most of the azaleas have burst into bloom this week with their brilliant pink and purple colors.

There are eggs in two of the nests now. Last time I checked there were three in the sparrows' nest and four in the bluebird's nest. I don't if they laid any more, but mothers are sitting on both nests now. I think I'll leave them alone for a little while.

The wrens nest is getting bigger, but it is not completed. I've read that sometimes wrens will build a decoy nest and that's what happened in this box last year. We'll see if we get any eggs this time.

Here are a few things I saw this week 
during a Second Look.


Japanese Colored Fern--I think these are just past the fiddlehead stage.


Wild cherry


Bluebird eggs

Azalea that is growing out of our weed compost pile. 

Wren's nest

Squirrel who just had a nice meal from the suet cake he just removed from its holder.

Dogwood tree

Dogwood, sweet gum, Japanese maple, juniper, and cherry trees (and a drainage ditch)