Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Second Look--July 8, 2015

Here are a few things I saw this week 
during a Second Look.

The goldfinch are particularly bright during mating season.

Even though the deer have eaten most of the day lily booms. I can still find them here and there.

Grandaddy long leg's spider.

Hosta bloom

Can you find the well camouflaged toad?

The trumpet lilies are starting to fade.

Cameleon plant--This is a very pretty ground cover that the deer leave alone. However, like many ground covers, it really spreads. Knowing this, I planted it in a small area surrounded by concrete on all four sides. However, it has still managed to escape, but is not out of control.

The wren has added another egg and more feathers to line the nest.

Usually we see the hummingbirds hovering over the feeder as they drink the nectar. This one decided to stay awhile and rest her wings while she was sipping.


  1. Usually I have to enlarge the picture to see the hidden animal or object but this time I spotted the toad right off. :-) Today I designated a few spots where I can plant a few colorful hostas next year. It's not a garden without one or a few for me.

    1. Hostas are usually something that people have extra of. Maybe you will find someone with extra that you can have. I like hosta also. Almost as much as the deer. :)

  2. The goldfinch photo is very beautiful. I like the photo also of the eggs in the nest.

    1. If possible, the goldfinches are even brighter in color in person. They really are quite striking to see.

  3. All those are beautiful but the goldfinch on the bird bath was a gorgeous photo!

    1. Thank you. It had little to do with me and everything to do with the subject matter.


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